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Yak Milk Food Topper - Plain

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★ COSMIC CHEWERS Yak Milk Food Toppers ★

Organic Dog Food Topper, Made by hand, following a traditional recipe, as has been done for decades.

Similar to Yak Bone, our food topper is also made from 100% natural ingredients. While the Yak bone is using more as a biting toy replacement, the Yak milk food topper, will make sure that your dog will get the proper amount of daily Calcium.

COSMIC CHEWERS Supplements is a family-owned and operated company, with a simple goal -
to bring your dogs the most delicious and healthy supplements, which will make every meal a celebration of tastes.

Perfect combination of health & Taste.
If you've already tried different types & brands, but your dog is still a picky eater, you might consider trying COSMIC CHEWERS organic Yak Milk dog food topper.

COSMIC CHEWERS  Yak Cheese Powders for Dogs, are an all natural delicious premium organic food topper, rich with Calcium.

They are made out of totally natural material and are easily digestible! They are 100% milk based with no artificial ingredients or chemicals! suitable for all life stages of your dog.

★ A Spoon of Healthiness ★

A perfect solution for picky eaters. Combination of healthiness & Taste. Just add COSMIC CHEWERS Powders as a dog food toppers to every meal.


  • 1tsp/day per 22lbs of your dog's weight
  • Add it as a food topper to any kind of food
  • Make sure to add it on a daily bases
  • Rich with Calcium to maintain your dog's flexibility and mobility


COSMIC CHEWERS Yak Milk Powders are made in and imported directly from Nepal. They're 100% milk based with no artificial ingredients, chemicals or preservatives.


Yak bones and Yak chews are great as a healthy rawhide bone replacement, while Yak Milk food topper, is using as a natural Hip&Joint supplement